Using Colour To Your Advantage

Remember learning about the colour wheel in art class way back when? Complementary colours (opposite colours) have the ability to cancel one another out when combined. If you’re thinking this is a random fact, it isn’t. When it comes to colour correcting in makeup, knowledge of the colour wheel actually comes in handy!

We add concealer to our makeup routine because, besides brightening, there are things we’d like to conceal from the world – like that raging pimple or those deep, dark circles. Have you ever used a butt-load of concealer and then wonder why the redness from your pimple is still coming through or why your dark circles are still showing? Your concealer isn’t all to blame; colour correcting is missing from your routine! Colour correcting before laying on foundation or concealer can make a big difference. What was once knowledge only to professional makeup artists is now becoming known to everyday makeup users.

Here are tips on how to use color correction in you makeup routine.

  • Green. Green cancels out red. So whether it’s acne, rosacea or a sunburn you’re looking to hide, a green colour corrector will do the trick.
  • Purple. Purple combats dull, yellow skin.
  • Yellow. Yellow cancels out purple discolouration and brightens for those with medium to dark skin tones.
  • Pink. For paler skin tones, pink corrector is great for concealing dark circles, age/sun spots and brightening.
  • Peach. For fair to medium skin tones, a peach corrector is great for concealing dark circles, hyperpigmentation and bruises.
  • Orange. For medium to dark skin tones, an orange corrector is great for concealing dark circles, hyperpigmentation and bruises.
  • Red. For deeper skin tones, a red corrector is great for concealing dark circles. Red can also be used to cancel out green (e.g. tattoos).

Where Your Makeup Artistry Career Can Take You

8 Places Makeup Artists Find Fulfilling Work

8 Places Makeup Artists Find Fulfilling Work

Makeup artists enjoy lucrative and fun careers in the entertainment industry, working for celebrities, executives and other business leaders, in salons, even in beauty schools and as advisors and spokespeople for the industry, depending upon your experience.

Not sure where you fit in? Here are eight places where makeup artists find fulfilling work.

1. Beauty and Retail Salons and Spas

One of the most common places makeup artists find meaningful and useful work is in local beauty salons.

Whether you’re getting someone ready for their big day walking down the wedding aisle, or just making someone’s day a little brighter, makeup artists working in beauty salons enhance the salon’s customers experience by making them look – and feel – more beautiful.

That’s part of the joy of working in a beauty salon or spa – not only do you make your customer look better, but feel better too.

2. Movies, Television and Film Industry

Makeup artists are found behind the scenes making our favorite celebrities look beautiful for the camera – be it a movie and film camera or a television one.

From the anchors at the evening newscast on television, to actors on a movie set, makeup artists find fulfilling work making these people look picture-perfect.

Thanks to the Internet makeup artists also find fulfilling work in numerous amateur, semi-pro and professional productions, especially for online streaming media videos, such as those found on YouTube, Vimeo and even Netflix. From miniseries to web series, even video podcasts available on iTunes and other podcatchers – all have makeup artists working behind the scenes on those in front of the camera.

But wait – there is more – makeup artists don’t just make people look beautiful – special effects makeup artists create some of the most horrific and gruesome characters we’ve come to know and love. Think chainsaw-wielding Freddy Krueger from Friday the 13th, or even Darth Maul from the latest Star Wars movies.

3. Theatre and Live Performances

Makeup artists also find fulfilling work creating character makeup for actors in small community theatre productions, to big Broadway productions around the world, and everything in between.

Working in a live production is great if you are creative and fast on your feet. You may only have a handful of minutes to transform an actor into their older self for the next scene, just before they go on stage.

4. Rockin’ On in the Music Industry

Okay, you’re parents are happy you outgrew your desire to be a rock star. But you still love music?

Makeup artists find fulfilling work making our favorite musicians look great for public appearances, music videos, and of course for their live concerts at big concert halls all or even smaller bars and clubs.

5. Amusement Parks, Baseball Stadiums, and Other Attractions

Next time someone takes you out to the ballgame, look around. Mascots, coaches, and some professional athletes have their own makeup artists that make them over just before they go to work, appear in their mascot costume, or do a television interview life for the cameras.

6. Executives, Business Leaders, Politicians and Other Public People

Whether you love him or loathe him, many public figures like Donald Trump have makeup artists work their magic before they appear anywhere – be it on before being interviewed on a television show, appearing at a fundraiser, or even just being in the audience at a public function such as the Oscar’s or some other event where the media may be watching.

7. Running Down the Runway

Makeup artists find fulfilling work in the fashion industry too. From prepping models for their 30-second walk down the runway, to working directly for private fashion labels, clothing designers and photographers.

You have to have a keen eye for detail sometimes have to work under tight deadlines, to get numerous models ready for a live fashion show. But then there are also the more relaxed photo shoots where you have one or two models and once you’ve made them over, the most they need throughout the shoot are just touch-ups.

8. Wedding Industry

Believe it or not, some makeup artists find fulfilling work focusing exclusively on weddings.

From making the bride and groom look amazing for their special day, to applying some color to members of the wedding party, makeup artists make everyone look good for the  millions of weddings happening every year.

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