Passion into Profit

Having passion for what you do and making a profit from that passion is everyone’s dream.

However, don’t count on passion alone. While enthusiasm is a great place to start its not enough to sustain your career for the long term.

Start by establishing your vision. You need to bring clarity to what your vision for your career is. Do your research. What schools and salons are out there? What type of culture, style and education bests suits you. What is my end game do I want to be a service provider, do I want to eventually be a business owner. Does my choice of school or salon meet my current and future needs.

Create a plan.  Speak with the teams at your school of choice or of the salon you would like to work at upon graduating and get a feel for the environment. Speak with your personal support team, the people who help guide you on a daily basis. Speak with your financial supports, if you are starting school how will you pay for the costs? What are your options. If you are looking at a salon to join will your wage cover your expenses. Your plan should consist of the steps needed to fulfil your vision.

Next put your plan into play. Whatever your passion is, whether you are starting at school or a salon always be open to suggestions and learn from mistakes have an open mind. Don’t let any chances of failing stop you from making a living from your passion. Educate yourself about your passion.

Succeed at making a profit from your passion.  Make sure you are good at what your passion is, love of something is just the beginning.  Be around people who share the same vision and have the same passion as you. Share your passion with those around you.