Sandal season is coming!

Sandal season is coming! Here’s how to get your feet ready for freedom

Spring is just around the corner and open-toe shoes are calling, my friends. At long last, winter is fading, which means it’s high time to ready your feet for sandal season, and all of the cute strappy footwear you’ll undoubtedly be rocking soon. Need a few pointers? Say no more — we’ve got five tips for getting your tootsies gorgeous.

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

This may look like three tips, but rather it’s one really important pointer. Make this your pre-summer mantra: “Exfoliation is my friend.” You know that thick layer of seemingly powdery skin on your heels? I mean, you know, hypothetically of course. Well, hypothetically, that’s a whole lotta dead skin cells just waiting to be sloughed off so you can unveil the smooth steppers hidden dormant beneath.

Luckily, exfoliation doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Mix some kosher salt and oil in a bowl for a great DIY scrub. Or, if you simply have to get your feet to the beach, take a long walk along the shore — sand is a fantastic natural exfoliator. If your feet are in need of more, ahem, intensive attention, you’ll likely want to look into purchasing a mechanical exfoliating tool or a chemical foot peel utilizing fruit acids.

2. Consider a nice, soothing soak

If you’re anything like me, you long ago invested in a brilliant — albeit probably overpriced — heated foot bath with which to pamper your tired toes. If not, just grab a large bowl or basting pan and fill it up with warm water and essential oils. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try the viral 1 cup of Listerine, 1 cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of warm water soak courtesy of ol’ Pinterest. A less alternative option would be the solid stand-by of warm water and Epsom salt, though. Either way, incorporating soaks into your foot-care routine — either before exfoliating to soften skin or afterwards to rinse off the slough — will ensure your bare feet stay beautiful year round.

3. Make moisturizing a priority

All that time spent exfoliating and soaking will be for naught if you forget to seal in all the moisture. And really, who has time to waste like that? Especially when beach season is right around the corner. Your best bet for super-soft, sandal-sportin’ feet is using a thick emollient cream on a daily basis. In fact, one of the most popular tricks of the trade is slapping said foot balm on at night, slipping on a pair of heavy socks and sleeping your way to pretty tootsies.

If you favor more organic foot moisturizing methods, coconut oil works wonders for achieving that baby-soft feel. Just slather it on your feet after bathing. Bonus: You’ll smell like a tropical paradise, too.

4. Pay attention to detail

Once you’ve established a regular routine of exfoliating, soaking and moisturizing, you may be tempted to call it a day and slip your feet into your sandals already. Sure, you’ll be just fine if you do — it’s not as though the pedi police are going to alight on you and cart you off to the clink for having ragged cuticles. However, your feet will look better, feel better and hold pedicure polish longer if you stop by TSPA for a pedicure. This is also a good time to be on the lookout for any lingering callouses that could use a little extra TLC, and to shape your nails in preparation for some punchy color.

5. Polish ’em up

No pedicure is complete without a little toe dazzle. It’s a law of nature — feet just look better in open-toed shoes when said toes are coated with a plucky polish. Bright pinks, corals, reds and oranges are classic summer hue choices, but don’t be afraid to pull inspiration from your outfit or from your surroundings. A blue as deep as the Adriatic Sea? Yes, please! Don’t skip a base coat, lest you dig that whole yellow toenail look once you remove the polish, and add a top coat to prevent chipping. Look for a high-quality polish with a decent brush for easy application and enduring results. When you have a pedicure at TSPA, we send the polish home with you, at no additional charge!

Lastly, have fun! Your feet will thank you later.

Finding the Right Beauty School For You

Are you thinking about a career in beauty?

No matter if you have known this is your future for a while, or if it is a newer idea that has taken hold, one of the first things you will need to do when pursuing a career in beauty or massage therapy is find a school. A good school will do more than just give you the knowledge you need to pass the state boards. A school should empower you to reach your dreams and arm you with the skills to accomplish them. The right school may even feel like a home surrounded by staff and students that will quickly become family.

Finding all of that from websites and social media can sometimes feel impossible, which is one of the reasons we suggest all potential beauty students take a tour of their top schools.

At The Salon Professional Academy, Winnipeg we want every future beauty professional to find the school that is right for them.

 schedule a visit at TSPA Winnipeg today, and make sure to check out the tips below.

finding the right school for you

The next six to seventeen months of your life will be spent behind the doors of whatever facility you choose. While that time table can shift and change depending on program and scheduling, the staff and students will become like a second family to you. That is why finding the right fit for you is important.

Everything from the school’s culture, branding, and Financial Assistance can impact this. It’s important to know your desires in order to find the perfect school for you.

  • culture

    The traditions, values, and attitudes of students and staff all impact the culture of a school. While on your tour you should be able to get a feel for the atmosphere and mood of a school. In addition, there are a few things you can watch out for while you are there.

    How do the educators interact with the students? Do staff and students seem comfortable in their surroundings? Are there things that the school does that sets them apart from other schools in the area?

    If while you are there you feel excited and eager to return, chances are high that the school’s culture will fit well with your personal goals.

    Here are some questions to ask to help define a school’s culture.

    1. Tell me about a typical day as a student here.
    2. Do you hold any fundraisers or activities for the community?
    3. Do you hold any student competitions or activities?
    4. What expectations does the school have for its students?
  • schedule

    Are you going to be working while you go to school? Do you have kids or other family members that rely on you? No matter what your answers to these questions, you are going to want to make sure that you understand the schedules that each school offers to know that it works with your needs.

    Before you head in for your tour, take a moment and write out your current schedule and responsibilities. Doing this will help you to know what type of schedule will work best for you.

    At TSPA Winnipeg we offer both full-time and part-time classes in many of our programs, giving you the opportunity to make a career in beauty possible.

    Here are a few questions that you can ask about schedules.

    1. Do you have part-time or full-time classes available?
    2. What school hours are required for those schedules?
    3. What days are required for those schedules?
    4. What are the hours like in the Student Salon Training Area?
  • background

    The background of the school means more than just the history of the facility. It’s the education of the owners and staff as well as the accomplishments they have acheived through their careers.

    To fully understand the background of the school, don’t forget to get the answers to these questions.

    1. When was your school founded?
    2. Where did some of your educators go to school?
    3. What salon/spa experience do the educators have?
    4. What makes you the most proud of your school?
  • financial options

    Paying for school out-of-pocket isn’t always an option. In fact, over 66% of students utilize some form of financial aid to help pay for their schooling. While many financial aid opportunities are only available when certain qualifications are met, that shouldn’t deter you from applying.

    At TSPA Winnipeg financial assistance is available to those that qualify. In addition, there are scholarships giving you even more opportunities to finance your amazing future.

    When on your tour make sure to get the answers to the following questions to help you understand all of the financial aid options.

    1. Do you offer financial aid?
    2. What scholarships do you have available?
    3. Who is available to answer questions about the application process?
    4. Do you have any payment plans if I am paying out of pocket?

working toward the future you want

When pursuing a career in beauty, you may already have some idea on where you want your future to lead. From movie makeup to photography, to working in a high-end salon, the possibilities are endless!

It’s important to find a school that will include an education that will help you build the skill needed for your future career, but that has the focus and support to see you get there. Take a moment to visualize what you want for yourself, write down your goals and keep those in mind when you journey into each school on your list.

an education in business

When pursuing a career in beauty it is important to develop an understanding of business management. Even if you have no plans to own your own salon in the future, understanding budgeting, pricing, money management and sales are cornerstones to creating a foundation for a successful future.

Be sure to ask about the business education offered at each school and make sure that the lessons offered align with your goals for your future.

  1. Do you use an additional business based curriculum in your programs?
  2. What focuses does your business education have?
  • Discover how a school supports student goals and current trends with some of these questions.
  1. Do you offer additional courses in trending styles?
  2. Do your educators stay up to date with styles and trends?
  3. Are students able to practice skills on trending popular styles?
  • branding and affiliations

    In addition to curriculum and extra practices many schools also align themselves with brands and affiliates to help the provide a higher standard of education. These associations can bring greater product knowledge to the student as well as greater requirements for facilities and instructor training.

    At TSPA Winnepeg we are proud to be part of the nationwide TSPA family. Being part of TSPA means that we are the only beauty schools to be recognized for excellence in education by REDKEN.

  • This relationship gives our school and our students first hand access to the REDKEN professional line and the training offered through this amazing brand.

dig deeper

So you have taken some tours and are surrounded by notes and answers to questions. Through all of these tours, one school might have floated to the top of all the rest, you may even feel ready to make your decision. Don’t be hasty! It is important to dig a little deeper to get the full picture of a school, their history, and their reputation.

To help you build the full picture of each school you visit we have created a list of some things you can do to help you fully understand each facility and make your decision.

read below to discover how to dig deeper and find info others may have overlooked.

  • speak to salon owners

    Local salon owners are the ground zero for understanding a salon’s viability. Not only do they work with the schools, but they interview and even hire the students that graduate from their facilities.

    Speaking with salon owners can give you insight into the education that students graduate with, the preparedness of those students and many other factors. Schedule a time to sit down with a few salon owners in your area and ask the hard questions.

    As an added bonus, scheduling these meetings can help you to begin building relationships with local salons, something that can help you when it’s your turn to graduate.

  • get a service

    Taking a tour is great, but often potential students find themselves in want of more. Making your own visit to the student salon training area can be a good way to do that. Book haircut, manicure or a facial and take the time to watch the students and educators in action, witness their skills and speak to them about their experience at the school.

    This type of interaction can really help you to see a school from the inside out, and give you further input for making a decision.

  • read reviews

    Former students, current students, salon clients, they all leave reviews, and those reviews can help you to build a picture of what the school is like. How are their reviews? Do people seem happy? Do students seem skilled? These are all important questions, but even important is the professionalism of the school.

    Every school gets bad reviews, but those bad reviews don’t reflect the full makeup of the school. How the school handles those bad reviews can really give you an insight into the professionalism and decorum of a school.

No matter which school stands out to you, at TSPA Winnipeg we hope you will choose the one that will help you reach your dreams.

Are you ready to schedule a visit with us? At TSPA Winnipeg we would love to welcome you to our school and show you how our curriculum, and the rich tradition that fuels us can help you reach your goals.

Your future is bright, and we want to help bring your dreams to reality at TSPA Winnipeg!