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Beat Those Constant Candy Cravings

This time of year, it can be all too easy to give in to those constant candy cravings—especially when there are bowls of Snickers, sour gummy worms and peanut butter cups everywhere you turn. In fact, I like to keep a dish of chocolates out on my entryway table as a Halloween treat for when guests stop by. But it also makes it very tempting for me to want to indulge all the time. This little trick works pretty well for me when I feel myself splurging on sweets too often. But, for those of you who crave chocolate, sour candy and gummy bears when the month of October hits, today we would like to share some healthy tips for curbing those Halloween sugar yearnings. Keep these tips in mind as your nostalgia for those trick-or-treat goodie bags of your childhood takes over this Halloween…

Are you sour candy obsessed?

If you walk into a candy store and make a beeline for the sour worms, sour straws and sour patch kids, then you’ll want to read this tip… To keep your craving at bay and avoid that sour candy sugar crash, we recommend making a trail mix of nuts with golden berries. Golden berries are one of our favorite little tricks to tell our clients about… They are very tart like your old school sour patch favorites. Make a bowl of trail mix and set it on your kitchen counter in place of processed, refined-sugar-laden candies. Also, this snack is a great one to make and pack up in a small baggie for the movies, a concert, or any event where you think you’ll get a sweets craving.

Are you a gummy bear lover?

Gummy bear lovers… You are in luck! We recommend making your own healthy gummy bears at home. Just mix up a few tablespoons of grass-fed gelatin, lemons or lime juice and a little local honey, and pour into a gummy bear mold. With these ingredients, you can easily make a healthy batch of gummy bears without high fructose corn syrup, corn starch and preservatives. It’s a win-win!

Are you a self-proclaimed chocoholic?

Chocolate lovers, don’t fret—we have good news for you. We are big fans of chocolate… it’s great, as long as you pick a low or no-sugar-added bar that’s organic – like Lindt, HU or BioTrust.




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Have you ever asked someone in their 60’s “how the heck are you in your 60’s?!” With not a wrinkle in sight, little to no age spots and a solid brow you wish you had in your 20’s, well that’s either super impressive genes or someone who has taken extremely good care of her skin.

For a long time it was a general rule of thumb to follow the regime you learned from your mother, grandmother or aunts. Nowadays you can just hop on Instagram and learn a new tip or trick and get reviews on all the available cosmetics out there.

The problem is that neither one of those ways are customized for you. Chances of breakouts, blotchy skin, excess oil or dry patches can occur because you didn’t have the proper guidance to purchase the products designed to keep YOU youthful!

So here are a few tips to getting the skin you want!

beauty school


Facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasions shouldn’t be treated as a luxury service for your skin but a vital part of the process in achieving the skin you want! Having a monthly skincare treatment will lessen the need for more invasive services later in life.

Medical Spa Training


Along with your monthly deep cleansing, it is equally important to maintain your skin at home daily. Using soap and water or heavy cold creams just don’t cut it for most. If you are new to the skin maintenance game, or have a small budget to get started, using a standard three product system such as cleanser-toner-moisturizer is a great way to start!



If you use Instagram or Facebook then you have definitely seen this pore mask that is all the rage! It’s kind of gross watching people peel the mask and remove these deep blackheads, yet sort of satisfying right?! However, the damage you can do by using something so aggressive on the skin is not good! If you know a beauty professional, it is best to ask their advice before purchasing things you see online.


Okay so I will agree that there are some brands that have a price tag that only a Kardashian could afford every two to three months, but, generic drugstore brands are not the answer! Real beauty professionals use results-driven products that have quality ingredients. Again, if you want the right brand for you-ask for professional advice! One of our favorite brands at TSPA is Dermalogica. Using the most advanced technologies in skincare and superior ingredients, Dermalogica provides quality and innovation to every product. No matter what your skin concerns or needs, they’ve definitely got you covered!

Sun can have serious, lasting aging effects on the skin


Following all of this advice and not finishing off with sunscreen is a big NO-NO! Sun damage and the effects of UV rays can reverse any positive changes you have made to your skin. Did you know that UV rays are strongest in the winter months? That means SPF is needed all year round!

If these tips are old news to you, then good! You are on your way or have already achieved the perfect beauty routine. For those of you who are a little behind, I think it’s time to take a trip to TSPA!